RAE LogoThe Rochester Art Ensemble (RAE) is a performing arts organization that welcomes artists of all disciplines to collaborate and experiment together to create innovative, dynamic, and engaging interdisciplinary performances. Co-founded by Danny Solis and Mckay Bram, RAE seeks to combine live music, dance, poetry, and other arts in performances that challenge artists to grow, while bringing new and exciting performances to our community.

RAE places an emphasis on creating a diverse and inclusive ensemble for women, people of color, people with disabilities, and people of the queer community. We seek to engage and support not only ensemble members, but the greater community as well, by making our events accessible, welcoming, and inclusive to any and all community members.

As RAE continues its growth in the Rochester area, we look forward to continuing to collaborate with local artists, and hosting more intercultural arts events such as Day of the Dead Poets Slam.


Header photo courtesy of Pangea World Theater.